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So you wanna be a redneck…..

Date: July 25, 2016 Author: Kaos Category: Automotive Comments: 0

I'm sitting in McDonalds drive thru, and I see the typical rednecks vehicle.

Cabelas sticker in the back window, geese with a guy pointing his shotgun at them, and best of all, big black wheels with U.S.A. stamped on them. Pretty average redneck stuff.

I feel like I'm qualified in making this judgement having spent a large part of my formidable years in a town named Thornville in the middle of nowhere Ohio. Spending many years in redneck central Pinellas County Florida, and now living on the outskirts of Phoenix. So before the haters get started, let me be clear, I like rednecks. I used to BE a redneck, and still have some redneck tendencies. I used to own, and love, and want another 1996 Ford F-250 SuperDuty with the 7.3l PowerStroke. That being said, let me also be clear that I have no issue with foreign cars, nor do I have issue with being patriotic. I like ANYTHING that's cool! As I edit this post now, I'm sitting behind the wheel of my girls Acura TSX.

One question. With all the patriotism shown on the ubiquitous Redneck Truck, what kind of truck are you picturing?

ITS A FREAKING NISSAN. Hey wannabes....REAL REDNECKS DRIVE AMERICAN TRUCKS! I see this time and time again and I have no clue why, but it bothers me when I see a Honda Civic with an American Flag license plate, and patriotic stickers all over it. Granted, no car is truly "American" anymore. However, at least I know that the Shelby Mustang parked in my garage helped pay for food that landed on a couple American tables.

Or at least paid for the hooker for the CEO. An AMERICAN Hooker!!

I suppose you're asking "So in Joeys world, I can't be patriotic and passionate about my country but like foreign cars?"

Obviously you should be passionate about your country. Sure, some foreign cars are great. But how patriotic are you if you won't rely on a car built in the country you're supposed to be so patriotic about?