Apple could be working on ARM-based Mac chips to make Mac laptops more efficient

macbookprotouchbarscrubbing Apple is already using an ARM-based chip in the latest MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar and Touch ID sensor. According to a new report from Bloomberg, the company could go one step further and use the co-processor to offload some tasks. But first, let’s talk about the co-processor in the MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar and how it currently works. Called the T1, the chip was designed by Apple and… Read More

Nintendo has sold 1.5 million NES Classics, and that’s good for both gaming’s past and its future

nes-classic Nintendo is selling a heck of a lot of NES Classics, its tiny retro Nintendo Entertainment System gadget with built-in games. The company revealed that it has sold more than 1.5 million to date, a figure that probably could’ve been a lot higher — the retro reboot console was a hot holiday seller, and was consistently unavailable despite immense demand. Even now, it’s hard to… Read More

Snap will expand distribution of Spectacles in 2017, but hardware remains an experiment

snap spectacles Snap, Inc. just released its IPO and there’s a lot to take away, but from a hardware perspective there’s not much present – which is actually telling in itself. The S-1 filing contains a few references to Spectacles, but they don’t suggest Snap’s view of itself as a camera company leans very heavily on its hardware products or pipeline. But that could still change,… Read More